The Magnetic Fields en Madrid, 2012

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RNCM (Manchester) 27-04-2012

I Die, A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off, Your Girlfriend's Face, Reno Dakota, Come Back From San Francisco, No One Will Ever Love You, I've Run Away to Join the Fairies, Plant White Roses, Drive On, Driver, My Husband's Pied-A-Terre, Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old, The Horrible Party, Smoke and Mirrors, Goin' Back to the Country, Andrew in Drag, Quick!, Busby Berkeley Dreams, Boa Constrictor, The Book of Love, Fear of Trains, You Must Be Out of Your Mind, Grand Canyon, Swinging London, It's Only Time, Smile! No One Cares How You Feel

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07 may 2012 Teatro Rialto Madrid

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  • jloeva


    Vendo una entrada en la mejor zona: En la 3ª Fila de la Platea, centrada; a 3 metros del escenario. La vendo a su precio original (36,75€).

    • 29 abr 12 16:25