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Gipsy Kings es una banda procedente de Francia, y fue formada en el año 1987. Sus componentes son Jahloul "Chico" Bouchikhi, Nicolas Reyes, André Reyes, Jacques "Paco" Baliardo, Canut Reyes, Maurice "Diego" Baliardo, Tonino Baliardo. Su estilo está caracterizado como flamenco, latin, spanish, guitar, world.
Originally known as a gypsy band by the name of Los Reyes, The now Gipsy Kings got their start by traveling the streets of France in hopes of playing a random street fair or festival, or by playing at weddings. Although all the musicians in Gipsy Kings are from a French background, their songs are sang in Spanish set to a pop rumba flamenca type sound. Gipsy Kings are the one band responsible for bringing world recognition to a pop flamenca type sound of music. In 1988, Gypsy Kings' self titled debut album was released in the United States to rave reviews and thrust their type of world styled music to a newer crowd of music lovers. Through the years, Gipsy Kings have released numerous albums that have included songs that appeared in movies like The Big Lebowski and television shows like Entourage, and when these musicians play on tour, their concerts sell out from coast to coast. If you have never been exposed to the pop flamenca sounds of Gipsy Kings, here is your chance with the music video for their song, "Djobi Djoba".
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  • anamichelina


    espero el 3 de abril,para verlos por primera vez.son idolos para mi. ana de argentina.

    • 12 mar 12 01:05
  • eliizabeth


    me encanta su musica quisiera saber si algun dia vendran a chile porfavor respondan !

    • 2 may 08 09:34
  • gitanfan


    Me encanta la musica de Gipsy Kings soy de Mexico y me gustaria saver si Alguna ves venir mexico lo Gipsy Kings me encantaria aqui en Mexico seran Bienvenidos ojala sea pronto pues se que alla por el 2005 dijeron en una etrevista que les hicieron en un concierto en Arizona que les gustaria venir a Mexico pero nada ¡¡GIPSY KINGS AQUI EN MEXICO ESPERAMOS SUS CONCIERTOS !!! ¡Para cuando??????????

    • 28 feb 08 02:37