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Skrillex is a Los Angeles based musician that produces electro house and dub step music. Skrillex has collaborated with various musicians including Tommy Lee and Korn and has performed on several different tours. Skrillex has been influenced by electronic music all of his life. Videoclip for Skrillex can be found all across the internet as well as information about various music festivals he is involved in. Fans from all over attend his concert in high spirits knowing that he will give them a performance of a lifetime providing you with upbeat mixes and high energy beats to dance and party all the way into the early morning! Skrillex will send the music pulsating throughout your entire body waking up all of your senses and sending them into an electronic frenzy giving you a feeling you never would have inmagined having before. Skrillex is a concert that you will not want to miss!

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Skrillex no tiene ningún concierto programado en España para 2015. La última vez que Skrillex actuó en España fue en 2014, con un concierto en Barcelona. En total, Skrillex nos ha visitado en 8 ocasiones. Si no te importa viajar para ver a Skrillex, actualmente tiene 3 conciertos en ciudades como Las Vegas (Estados Unidos), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Belo Horizonte (Brasil).

Otros conciertos de Skrillex

21 mar 2015 La Rural Buenos Aires, AR Entradas
27 mar 2015 Expominas Belo Horizonte, BR Entradas
01 abr 2015 Surrender At Encore Las Vegas, US Entradas
10 may 2015 XS Nightclub At Encore Las Vegas, US Entradas
29 may 2015 Encore Beach Club (Wynn Las Vegas) Las Vegas, US Entradas
06 jun 2015 XS Nightclub At Encore Las Vegas, US Entradas

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