Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Red Hot Chili Peppers has been around since 1983 and are an American classic. Their rock has amazed fans for many years that covers many different types of genres of rock and fuses several to include new styles. Anthony Kiedis is vocals, Michael Blazary plays Bass, Chad Smith is on drums, and a recent addition is guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.Their first success came with the release of their album Blood Sugar Sex Magik which sold over thirteen million copies. Since then they have racked up many awards including several Grammys. They also boast of their chart topping songs where many have reached the top 40 and even having several #1 spots on rock lists. With all of this success they hold several records unbroken today for #1 singles. Red Hot Chili Peppers were known for putting on a great show during their tours. Many videos of them are available today, with their most successful tour coming after the release of Freaky Styley in 1986.The group made a large comeback from relative nonexistence at the beginning of 2010 and paid tribute to Neil Young. They released limited CD’s in 2011 and still today make appearances although not on an official tour.
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Red Hot Chili Peppers no tiene ningún concierto programado en España para 2015.

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04 abr 2014 Parque Deportivo 222 Bogotá
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01 abr 2014 Hipódromo de San Isidro San Isidro
09 nov 2013 Parque dos Atletas Rio de Janeiro
07 nov 2013 Arena Anhembi São Paulo
02 nov 2013 Mega Space Belo Horizonte
06 sep 2013 O2 ABC Glasgow Glasgow
06 ago 2013 George M Sullivan Sports Arena Anchorage
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09 abr 2013 The Music Box at the Fonda Hollywood
09 abr 2013 Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles
06 mar 2013 Palacio de los Deportes Mexico City
05 mar 2013 Palacio de los Deportes Mexico City
03 mar 2013 Arena VFG Guadalajara
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