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Jerry Rivera es una banda procedente de , y fue formada en el año 1973-07-31. Su estilo está caracterizado como salsa, latin, puerto rico, latino, spanish.

Jerry Rivera is a Latin and Salsa pop star from Puerto Rico. Born in 1973, Jerry Rivera began his musical career in the late eighties. He is signed to Sony Discos, EMI Latin, and Venemusic. Jerry has had a prolific recording music career releasing over twenty albums since 1988. In addition Jerry Rivera has released over thirty singles with numerous placements on the United States Latin music charts. When Jerry Rivera was fourteen years old, his father made a demo recording of his talents and he was signed instantly to CBS. In fact, Jerry Rivera comes from musical roots and his entire family has been ensconced, one way or another, in the music business or singing. In addition to singing, Rivera has also made a few cameo appearances in the movie business in the nineties. After touring extensively and playing many television performances through Latin American countries and the United States, Jerry Rivera was recently nominated for prestigious Grammy award in 2001
for his eponymous album recording. Although the projected album sales did not generate high numbers for this release, the Grammy nomination certainly helped to catapult success internationally and throughout the United States for Jerry Rivera. With an impressive back catalog and even more impressive touring career, Jerry Rivera has played in Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, the United States, Spain, and Panama, as well as dozens of other countries around the world. His reputation and musical career is still widely cherished in his home country of Puerto Rico.

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  • sharpayas


    lindo regio divino !! me super encanta ojala vuelva a venir 1 y 10000 veces mas a lima PERU

    • 8 jul 09 01:38
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    meguta tu cancion mucho jerry r

    • 9 nov 08 01:39