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Bruno Mars es una banda procedente de Estados Unidos, de la zona de Honolulu, y fue formada en el año 1985-10-08. Su estilo está caracterizado como pop, rnb, male vocalists, r&b, slow jams.

Bruno Mars is an artist that every artist dreams of working with. His claim to fame was based on his hooks for songs. He was there, at times, to sing the chorus. Over time her signature mark became a back and forth sing song banner between him and rappers that needed his skills. The rapper B.O.B introduced Bruno Mars in a unique music video with the crossover hit single "Nothing on You" one summer. He won his first award, a Soul Train Music award, with this collaboration. When this faded he transitioned to another song. So many people called upon him make provisions for their music. In time Mars found ways to make provisions for his own. The solo career of Bruno Mars made him an ever hotter commodity in the world of music. He became a teen sensation to many young girls as he performed at intimate festival venues. He has recorded with Eminem, Lil' Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Travis McCoy and a host of others. The road has been paved for Bruno Mars because he came into the music game with pen and paper. He was churning out hits for artists long before he did his first tour. This is what has allowed him to last in the music industry. He knows how to write his own songs in an industry that is crowded with concert performers and few songwriters. This sets him apart from the masses. It has given him an edge continues to attract new fans. Music Video:

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    queremos que Bruno Mars venga a Madrid, Barcelona o Valencia. Porfavor, lo suplico, es tan *_*

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    • 12 feb 12 19:10
  • iriina


    Me encanta i siempre me a encantado porque su voza a lo natural no le cambia, y en resumen que es el MEJOR! ojala dara un concierto en barcelonaa...

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  • i need you in madrid the 28 of February one friend is a great fan yours and she wants to see you please answer me

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    me encanta su musica

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    si esque es el mejorrrrrr

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    Grande bruno

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