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Avicii es una banda procedente de , de la zona de Stockholm, y fue formada en el año 1989-09-08. Su estilo está caracterizado como house, electronic, dance, progressive house, electro house.

Also known as Tim Berg, Ashwin and Tom Hangs, Avicii is a Swedish DJ and sometime music producer who has been infusing the world of dance music with his own blend of house sounds since the 2010 release of the song "Seek Bromance". Since then, Avicii has created his own songs like "Fade Into Darkness" and "My Feelings For You" while still finding the time to produce and remix the music of others such as Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and Daft Punk. Since his is a DJ, Avicii's music is best heard when he plays in concert while on tour to clubs around the world, and his pulsating beats create the sounds needed to get everyone on the floor dancing. Recently, Avicii was named #6 on DJ Magazine's list of the Top 100 DJs. For a sample of his pulsating beats, here is the music video for his song "Fade Into Darkness". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQYzF84xocw

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