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André Rieu es una banda procedente de Holanda, y fue formada en el año 1949-10-01. Su estilo está caracterizado como classical, instrumental, andre rieu, beautiful, folk.

André Rieu is a classical composer from Maastricht, Netherlands. His particular form of classical music is the waltz. Rieu is a conductor, composer, violinist and internationally recognized for his waltz interpretation of Johann Strauss Orchestra. André Rieu was born in 1963 and began his career at University where he had performed the iconic piece called Gold and Silver Waltz by the composer Franz Lehar. This was a staple and significant performance for André Rieu. It was from this point forward that he continued to pursue the classical form of the waltz. In addition, André Rieu is considered to be a master of the waltz form and moreover, is considered by many around the world as a role model. Since 1992, André Rieu has released over thirty full length album recordings for record label Denon and Phillips. Rieu still performs and records music regularly. He is married to his production manager and they have two sons together. André Rieu can speak 6 major languages fluently. Those include French, German, Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish. Some of the honors Rieu have received are the Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion in 2002, Honorary Medal of the Province of Limburg and Knight of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2009. Andre Rieu has perfected a form that is both difficult and tedious to master. In a word, Andre Rieu has demonstrated his art to the world within the context of the waltz form.

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